hello i'm senguttuvan mahalingam

"I might not be the best engineer out there but,
I'm a determined one who will find solution to any complex problem that you throw at me."

I'm good at Software Development 3D Product Design AI/ML Implementation BIM Implementation Game Development

About Me.

I have quite an addiction to learn new things. Since 2010, I have worked in several sectors including Aerospace, Automobile, Construction, Railways, Defense and Refrigeration Research. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering & a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence.

I'm good at software development, product design & analysis, 3D modeling & animation, game development. I can see through any project from a different perspective and find quick solutions for problems of any level of complexity. I have an eye for finding & analysing minute details.


My main area of expertise are in the below fields.

App Development

BIM Implementation

Game Development

Project Consultation

Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Sharing


If you need to speak, please reach out at hello@rmsofficial.com